Boy Bits...

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, the first thing I did was go big surprise there! I was apprehensive because young boy clothes really aren't great. If you want to dress your child like Prince George or their dad, then you're in luck; but there's just too much red, blue, green and yellow for my liking...down with primary colours I say!

I remember going into Zara and staring at the heaving girl's section full of tulle, pink, glitter, sequins and bows and then turning to the sad looking boy's section with a few shirts, a pair of chinos and some thank you! I kind of panicked, but in hindsight I think that was the moment I realised i was going to have a tiny being in my arms in a matter of months that I would have to clothe...and feed and care for and entertain!!! 

Fast forward a year and a bit and this kid definitely has more clothes than both his parents combined. I have found myself on auto pilot upon numerous occasions forgetting why I'm in a shop and picking up clothes for Ollie. I officially LOVE boy clothes and my biggest fear (of Ollie dressing like his dad going to work) has taken a strange turn as I want to wear adult versions of all his clothes!!!

Here are some of my fave pieces from some great online stores...

Clockwise from top left: 

American flag moccasins $46 Freshly Picked

Grey Romper, Rags To Raches $44.50

Feather long sleeve tee €35 Smallable

School Backpack €25.95 Zara

Twinkle star booties €22.95 Little Indians

Printed leggings €29.95 Little Indians

Sleeveless Puffa €19.95 Zara

Graphic Sweatshirt €25 Cos

Fox hat and gloves €16.90 Zara