#Styled By: Sarah 26.07.15

I love photos... Some have said that I love photos more than life itself, or definitely as much! I especially love photos of friends and family and I will always be the one to make sure photos are taken at a get-together. I'm perfectly comfortable in front of a camera surrounded by loved ones. But put me in front of a camera on my own and something very odd happens.

If you haven't seen the episode of 30 rock when they introduce high def cameras then you need to google it...Basically I go from this...

To this.... 

I used to absolutely DREAD if a photographer would ask me to 'stand in to test the light' on a shoot...my lip would quiver, my head would start twitching...it's quite something!

However I want to share outfit posts on my blog so that puts me in a bit of a pickle! Fortunately I happen to have THE MOST TALENTED nephew on the planet...I lured him under false pretences (the promise of a poached egg...I know, I'm too nice) to my mums house and asked him to take a couple of pics. I did not tell him they would be of me thus leaving me the option to chicken out at the last minute! So knowing my back story, go easy on me...


Ok so I'm starting off with a very basic look, this is a look that I go with 50% of the time (49% of the time I'm in my pjs ;0 ) you just can't beat a pair of skinny jeans. I have so many dresses and skirts that I want to wear but we just don't have the weather for it. Monday-Friday I'm in jeans, although I did get a fab pair of Warehouse trousers that I have been wearing A LOT of recently. More on that anon (what does that even mean? It means later, I just googled it) Scarves are the number one wardrobe item for transitional dressing (through seasons not genders) They dress up a super casual outfit in an instant.



This scarf is by Selected Femme, one of my favourite brands. It's less expensive than you think, prices are slightly more than Zara; but the quality is far superior. This scarf was less than €20 from BT2 recently. Selected Homme is definitely my favourite brand of menswear.

I love the muted tones of the animal print. Perfect for this nippy weather.



This front seam V-neck fine knit is from Topshop at the beginning of the season. I love the fabric mix. I actually bought the maternity version in black when I was pregnant and lived in it so when I spotted it in this shade (not maternity) I knew it would serve me well. It didn't wash as well as the black one (that drives me mad when they use different fabrics for different colours!) I'm hoping they do it again for AW. Although Penneys have some nice similar oversized versions at the mo as do H&M




There's that uncomfortable face... Ok here's another embarrassing confession (I'm really not giving a great first impression) I'm wearing maternity jeans. They are just so comfy, it's very hard to go back and they're a lovely shade and they fit my leg nicely.

When I was pregnant my hips definitely got bigger and they haven't really gone back to their pre pregnancy size so I have found it really difficult to find a comfy pair of jeans. I don't always wear them I usually wear my grey Molly jeans from River Island with this top, but I wanted to feel extra comfy for the shoot so I opted for my Leigh maternity jeans from Topshop



I got these boots in Zara about two years ago...buy similar here and they were such a brilliant purchase, they go with EVERYTHING and they are so comfy...I see a theme emerging! I can't really wear heels, I find them excruciating but these puppies are a dream! I live in them during the summer and wear them bare legged with skirts and dresses.



I don't tend to wear a lot of jewellery, I mostly wear jewellery that has a sentimental value so I have to mention my 'eternity ring'. My husband Conor bought this ring for me when Ollie was born. It wasn't expensive, he ( I ) found it on Etsy. Myself and Ollie are both July babies so I wanted a ring with our birthstone (ruby) in it. This ring has two little rubies in it and I love it!!!! 

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Fine knit over printed dress